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Explore some great resources about the journey of losing a pet,
from signs of aging, to creative ways to memorialize them.

  • Jason and I are sad to report that we have a Boxer-shaped hole in our hearts. The brain tumor Talia was diagnosed with in January recently caught up with her. We let her go yesterday . . . read more read more

    Jason & Jen
  • Oh, Sarah! I love these photographs SO much!!! She looks so happy and alert. I've cried about 20 times since you sent the link, and they're all good tears. Thank you for this gift that . . . read more read more

  • The pictures are totally amazing. As I'm sure you've heard a million times, they made me cry. But not out of sadness, out of overwhelming joy. Thank you for sharing your gift with more

  • We're glad you were able to make it on Friday because sadly, less than a few hours after you left, Oliver made it clear to us that he was ready to go and we had . . . read more read more

    Nick & Angie
  • Oh, these are absolutely beautiful!! (brought tears to my eyes!) Also, I wanted to let you know that the timing was perfect. I was so lucky to get that session in before all those storms! . . . read more read more


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