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  • Oh, these are absolutely beautiful!! (brought tears to my eyes!) Also, I wanted to let you know that the timing was perfect. I was so lucky to get that session in before all those storms! . . . read more read more

  • Just writing to let you know that we had to say goodbye to Itch this weekend. It was very sudden and happened very quickly; It was a complication with his heart disease that made us . . . read more read more

  • I want to thank you so much for the photos you took of Scrappy and I. It was a wonderful experience that the two of us had together. Scrappy passed away on Wednesday. He took . . . read more read more

  • Oh Sarah, what would be the right word . . . they're simply remarkable. Harry's personality came through just so well. I can't tell you how much they mean to me now and how many . . . read more read more

  • At first, we thought, what could be "joyful" about taking pictures of our dying dog and were very reluctant. He had only about 2-3 weeks left and our emotions were raw. We saw Sarah's work . . . read more read more


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